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Adolescence is a time when an estimated 70% of youth become involved in romantic relationships. These early relationships are positive and healthy for most, but for 33% of youth they are abusive and violent.

BLOOM365 goes beyond raising awareness and helps teens recognize that these are important issues to talk about and work together to prevent, because if not there could be deadly consequences. Our 3-Step BLOOM IT UP approach inspires next generations to see that they are the root solution for prevention. Our partnerships with schools allow us to do this work and your financial support enables us to reach and impact 5,000 teens a year. Thank you!

THE 3 STEPS TO BLOOM IT UP: The BLOOM365 3-Step BLOOM IT UP program coaches teens on HOW to think about issues of dating abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, rather than teaching them WHAT to think. Our trained educators and youth advocates provide teens with the tools to think critically about their understanding of media, culture, as well as family and peer dynamics. BLOOM IT UP students get to the heart of this issue by deconstructing and discussing the facts, data, research and root causes. From there, they are motivated to transform what they have learned into action.

Step 1: Inform Teens complete seven days (7 "doses") of comprehensive teen dating abuse prevention and healthy relationship skill building education in their health education class at school. More information on our curriculum and our impact can be found at

Step 2: Intervention & Support Teens who self-identify as victims receive immediate crisis counseling services and have access to ongoing, age-appropriate individual and group support to help increase their safety and overall well being.

Step 3: Involve Teens inspired to take action as involved bystanders form a "CREW" and become trained as Peer Educators, Peer Advocates and Peer Ambassadors for prevention. Our philosophy is that next generations will become better advocates if they understand how to respond to a friend going through dating abuse and if they are more inclined to do something and say something as active bystanders.

When you invest in BLOOM365, you are supporting the only teen-driven organization in Arizona with a root cause prevention focus and a 5+ year track record of implementing comprehensive and effective teen dating abuse prevention, intervention and healthy relationship education in schools, reaching over 5,000 teens annually.

Thank you for your donation of $35 or more to help teens prevent dating abuse now and domestic violence later in life.