Tomorrow's statistics depend on what we do today.

Help us uproot abuse and grow a culture of healthy relationships.

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"Tomorrow's casualty count, the next wave of #MeToo hashtags and the extent of our children's exposure to domestic violence all depend on what we do today."

Judge Lynn Toler


OUR MISSION, VISION & PURPOSE: BLOOM365's mission is to prevent teen dating abuse BEFORE it starts. Our vision is safe and healthy relationships for all. We address the root causes of abuse and violence early and with an entire generation by partnering with K-12 schools and community based youth organizations to give young people the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent abusive behaviors.

WHAT WE DO: We partner with schools and youth organizations and deliver our seven-dose Bloom It Up curriculum to educate teens on the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. We help them spot the "red flags" of an abusive or controlling friend or partner, build their communication and conflict resolution skills and encourage them to challenge social norms that allow such behaviors to thrive.

What we do is not only important because of the seeds we plant for healthy relationships in the future; we provide direct advocacy services in real time for teens who are currently suffering abuse and intervene when teens disclose being controlling or abusive.

Through peer to peer mobilization, we then activate young people to create an environment in which empathy, respect, kindness, consent, equality and peace are socially accepted norms. We leave with a teen-led BLOOM Crew in place to reinforce the new ideas we foster.

OUR IMPACT: Our BLOOM IT UP solution is working. Our methodology has been studied and determined effective. BLOOM365 goes beyond raising awareness- we change and save lives.

Arizona Tax Credits

BLOOM365 is a qualifying Arizona Tax Credit Charitable Organization

Dollar for dollar tax credit: Individuals up to $400 Married Couples up to $800


Step 1: EDUCATE 7-Dose research based, promising practice curriculum

More information on our curriculum and our impact can be found at

Step 2: ADVOCATE Individual and group support for teens who have been victimized. Intervention for teen perpetrators.

Step 3: ACTIVATE Teen to teen social change and peer to peer advocacy.

When you invest in BLOOM365, you are supporting the only teen-driven organization with a root cause prevention focus and a 5+ year track record of implementing comprehensive and teen-relevant prevention education, advocacy and activism in schools and youth organizations, reaching over 6,000 teens annually.

Thank you for your donation of $35 or more to help teens prevent dating abuse and sexual assault now and domestic violence later in life.

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